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Powder Brushes



What does beautiful really mean? Ask that question to any woman on any given day and I bet you will get a different answer almost every time. The fact is beauty is constantly being changed and challenged.

We at Nic B Cosmetics believe in a woman’s true beauty. We believe by using quality ingredients and innovative technology, as well as superb customer service we will be the new face of the cosmetics industry.

Founded in 2008, Nic B Cosmetics is driven by the need to meet and exceed consumer’s demand for a product that appeals to every woman. In March of 2016, Nic B Cosmetics relaunched its site in order to continue to deliver a great product and to add a line of natural and handmade items called Nic B Organics.

We believe by adding these items we will be able to stick to our promise of delivering products that appeal to every lifestyle. 

Based out of Atlanta but touching the world, Nic B Cosmetics currently has no retail affiliation which allows for a fast turnaround on product delivery. Our dedicated team of consultants are knowledgeable about our entire line and are waiting to assist you.



We are proud to say that our products are:
• Paraben Free      
• Hypo-Allergenic
• Allergy Tested 
• Non-Comedogenic 
• Fragrance Free*
• Cruelty Free

Our Nic B Organics line consists of natural and handmade products.
*excludes* shampoos, conditioners, some skincare

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